Personally, I have been involved in the Telecom industry for over 10 years.  For the last 8 years I
have been primarily doing DC Power work for a variety of customers throughout the Midwest.    
The last couple of years have brought on many changes in the industry.   As an installer, I have seen
the available hours for project installation continually being cut due to increased competition and
project bidding.  During the last year or so I have noticed that the companies that deliver our
materials have been making more for their services in a few hours than our profits for jobs that lasted
several weeks.
This inspired me to start a service company for Tier 1 installation providers, mainly DC Power
Vendors. My vision was not to just to "move" batteries and equipment but to provide additional
services as needed.  Early in 2005, I began buying equipment and supplies that DC installers need on
a day to day basis.  I have nearly a dozen battery chargers, several sizes of battery operated
crimpers, load boxes, digital hydrometers, and tons of supplies.  I currently have thousands of
Burndy lugs and H-taps in stock for your last minute needs.
My services are not aimed to
compete with installation companies but to streamline the transition
between delivery of materials and job start up.  Because I have full knowledge of Central Office
procedures and paperwork, we do not need installers on site for delivery as long as access is
available.  We can print and leave any required documentation, JSAs,  material lists and do an
inventory so you know exactly what is on site before you lose hours sending installers on site.

We can also do any additional services including mounting stands/equipment, arranging
batteries on stands, strapping and on site charging.
3040 Wallace  Ct.
Lancaster, Ohio 43130